Request a Ballot (Military/Overseas Only)

A military or overseas voter ALREADY REGISTERED TO VOTE IN FLORIDA (What if I need to register? What if I’m NOT military or overseas?) may 

• fax (904-301-3867), 
• telephone (904-630-8015), or 
• mail (Supervisor of Elections, 105 E. Monroe Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202) 

a request for a vote-by-mail ballot with the following information:

1.  Voter's name.

2.  Voter's date of birth.

3.  Voter's Duval County legal voting residence address. (If a voter is temporarily living outside Duval County; is not maintaining a residence address within Duval County; and intends to return to Duval County, then that person may use the address of the Supervisor of Elections Office--105 East Monroe Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202--as his or her legal voting residence address.)

4.  How far into the future [or for which specific election(s)] the voter would like vote-by-mail ballots scheduled (maximum is through the next two regularly scheduled general elections).

5.  Preferred delivery method for vote-by-mail ballot to be sent to voter: either mail, fax, or email. ONLY OVERSEAS AND MILITARY/DEPENDENT VOTERS are eligible for faxed and emailed ballots.
NOTE: To use the emailed ballot, the voter will need to have a printer, printer paper, two envelopes, and postage. Further instructions are provided with emailed and faxed ballots. 

6.  Where the Elections Office should to send any vote-by-mail ballots to voter: either address, fax number, or email address.

7.  The mailing address where items such as voter information cards and sample ballots should be sent.

8.  If the voter is overseas: voter's overseas address if not already provided above OR a statement that the voter is overseas (for example, “Voter is living overseas.”)

9.  Relationship of requester to voter (self, spouse, parent, child, sibling, in-law parent, in-law sibling, legal guardian). 


9a. Requester’s address

9b. Requester’s driver license number (if available)

10. Signature of person making the update / request (only required for requests submitted by fax or mail).

Fla. Stat. §101.6923(2)5c (2014) and §§101.62(1)(b)(1-8)

IMPORTANT! For a vote-by-mail ballot to count, the signature that the voter returns with the voted ballot must match the signature on the voter’s registration record at the Supervisor of Elections. To update a signature, (STRONGLY recommended to be done annually), a voter needs to submit to the Supervisor of Elections EITHER

Federal Post Card Application (use this form if you would like to update your signature AND you need to request vote-by-mail ballots AND you are military/dependent or overseas)


Florida Voter Registration Application (use this form if you need ONLY to update your signature).
to the Supervisor of Elections. A voter already registered to vote in Florida may submit the completed form by fax to (904) 301-3867, by email to, or by mail to Supervisor of Elections, 105 East Monroe Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202. If the voter is not registered, then the voter must submit the form by mail.

 A Spanish voter registration application is also available.

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