Dear Citizen:

Currently we are sending a form letter to those registered voters whose signature on our file is 10 or more years old. We use this process in an effort to continually update our voter’s records. This procedure is performed in odd numbered years when there are no scheduled elections.
It is a fact that many voter’s signatures change over time. Some of these changes are caused by advancing age, some because of an accident or health issue and some (mostly women) from a name change.

The “aging signature form letter”  is simply a notice and is not a mandate requiring any action from you. It is a courtesy notice. For some, it is a safeguard to protect their vote, especially if they vote by mail. Florida law requires that voters that vote by mail must provide their signature as their signature is their “ID”. Certain trained members of my Staff verify the signature on the ballot with the signature on file in our records. If those signatures do not match, the ballot is ultimately sent to the Canvassing Board to make the final decision to accept or reject the ballot. In every election the Canvassing Board rejects ballots when the signature on the ballot does not match the signature on file. Although the number of ballots rejected are a very small percent it is a big issue for us as we want every valid mail ballot to be counted.

Any action on your part regarding this notice is strictly up to you. If you believe your signature has not changed, then dispose of the form as you see fit. If you would like to update your signature, fill out the form we sent to you, sign it, and return it to our office. Again, there is no obligation for you to reply to our office.

You can view your signature on file in our records by visiting our office at 105 East Monroe Street. We are open 8AM till 5PM Monday thru Friday.

If you still have any questions regarding these procedures, please call our office at (904) 255-8683.

Yours very truly,

Mike Hogan

Duval County Supervisor of Elections
105 E. Monroe St. Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 255-8683

Our Mission Statement: 

To preserve the liberty and the right to vote for all citizens by providing honest, fair, accurate and accessible elections with transparency and integrity.



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