Update Voter Information

Once you have registered to vote in Florida, you do not need to register again. However, you do need to keep your information up to date. You can update your information any time online, in person, or by completing a registration form and mailing it to our office. Conveniently, the update form is the same as a new registration form. To update your existing record on the form, simply check the "Record Update/Change" box.  

Please remember, your residential address on file at our office determines the issues and candidates that will be on your ballot and your party affiliation determines which candidates will be on your ballot during Primary Elections. You may change your party affiliation at any time, but it must be done 29 days before a Primary Election in order to be valid for that election. 


Signatures do change over time due to age, illness or other reasons. Your signature on your voter record is used to verify your signature on a certificate for a vote-by-mail ballot or provisional ballot, a candidate petition, an issue petition or any signed writing requesting a ballot or making another change. The signatures must match in order for the ballot or petition to count or other change to be made. If your signature has changed, you may update it at any time by submitting a new voter registration application (English PDF/Spanish PDF).

Power of attorney does not apply to voter registration. Another person may not sign for you. If for any medical or other reasons you are unable to sign your complete name, please submit any mark you are capable of making. For voter registration purposes this mark will be deemed your signature. Voters may update their signature by completing and mailing a voter registration application to the supervisor of elections.


If you have a Florida driver license or Florida ID card, you can update your residential address, mailing address, name, or political party, or request a new Voter Information Card online. It's quick, easy and secure. If you don't have a state-issued ID or simply prefer paper, you can download a Florida Voter Registration Application online to fill out and print. Then, you can return the complete application form to office.

Look up your current voter registration information  


If your voter information card (commonly called a voter ID card) has been lost, stolen or destroyed, you can request that a replacement card be mailed to you by requesting it online or filing out a Voter Registration Application

You can write us a note requesting a replacement Voter Information Card – the request must include your full name, date of birth, residential address and most importantly you must sign the document as Florida law requires a signature to receive a replacement Voter Information Card. You can send your request by fax, USPS mail or scan and email:

Fax - (904) 255-3434
Mail - Duval County Supervisor of Elections 105 E. Monroe St., Jacksonville, FL 32202
Email - Scan and email your request directly to pcarter@coj.net


Updating your address is quick and easy. Change your address online if you have moved within Duval County, or if you have moved into Duval County from a different Florida county


If you no longer wish to be a registered Florida voter, you must submit a written request to the Supervisor Elections office. If you are registered in Duval County, please print and complete this form and mail or hand-deliver it to our office. If you are a resident in a new state, you must cancel your Florida Voter Registration as you cannot be registered to vote in multiple states.

Mailing address: Duval County Supervisor of Elections 105 E. Monroe St., Jacksonville, FL 32202


The Division of Elections works with the Florida Department of Health and the U.S. Social Security Administration to match death certificate recordings to the Florida Voter Registration rolls. The information is sent to the county elections office for review and the voter may be removed by the local elections official without contact from a family member. In some cases however, the information on the death certificate does not exactly match the information on the voter's registration record, therefore our office would not be notified. A deceased voter who may still be on our registration rolls can be promptly removed with a copy of the death certificate. We understand the costs associated and do not require an original death certificate; a photo copy or scanned copy is acceptable. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated in helping us keep Florida's voting rolls accurate.
Mailing address: Duval County Supervisor of Elections 105 E. Monroe St., Jacksonville, FL 32202

Information on obtaining a copy of a death certificate can be found here.


Call us at (904) 255-8683 to update your mailing address. 

Voter Registration Agencies:

  • Supervisor of Elections offices
  • Tax Collectors offices
  • Public assistance offices
  • Public libraries
  • Offices that serve people with disabilities
  • Armed Forces Recruitment Agency



More information about updating your voter registration can be found on the Florida Division of Elections website.