Filing & Qualifying for Office

The materials on this page should answer many of the questions you may have about filing/qualifying for office, but it is not comprehensive. It is your responsibility, as a candidate, to follow all relevant Florida election laws and local charters that might have a bearing on your filing or your qualifications to run for office.





Required Forms

DS-DE 9 —Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository

DS-DE 84 — Statement of Candidate (attesting that you have read and understand campaign finance law, Chapter.106, F.S.)

DS-DE 83Judicial Candidates only — Statement of Candidate for Judicial Office (attesting you have read and understand the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct)

You must file form DS-DE9, Appointment of Campaign Treasurer, before opening your campaign account, accepting any contributions, making any campaign expenditures, or collecting petitions.

Within 10 days of filing form DS-DE9, you must file form DS-DE84, Statement of Candidate. Candidates for Judicial Office must within 10 days of filing form DS-DE9 also file form DS-DE83, Statement of Candidate for Judicial Office.

Where To File

Where you file for candidacy depends on the office you’re seeking; there are several Offices Up for Election

If you’re running for a county office, you’ll file and qualify with us at 105 E. Monroe Street Jacksonville, FL 32202. 

If you’re running for a federal, state or multi-county seat, the Florida Division of Elections is your qualifying officer. 

What Happens Next?

Once you file to run with our office, your name will be added to the list of Local Candidates.

You'll be required to file regular financial reports using the electronic reporting system. The Candidate & Committee Finance Login is where you access the system and find the calendar of reporting dates.

Please make sure to review Step 2 to learn what you need to do to qualify for office.