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Q: If I register with a minor party or with no party affiliation (NPA), does that mean I can vote for anyone in a Florida primary election? 
A: No. To vote for a specific candidate in a Florida primary election, you must be registered as the same party of the candidate for whom you would like to vote. 

Q: What if I do not have a Florida Driver License or Florida Identification Card?
A: If you do not have a Florida Driver License or Florida Identification Card, then you may use the last four digits of your Social Security number to register to vote in Florida.

Q: What if I am temporarily residing outside Duval County and have no permanent address in Duval County?
A: If a person is temporarily residing outside Duval County and has no permanent address in Duval County AND it is the person’s intention to remain a resident of Duval County, then such person may use 105 E. Monroe St., Jacksonville, FL 32202, as the legal residence address. The person using this option has to have had some prior physical presence and residence in the county. IMPORTANT!! If you use 105 E. Monroe Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202, as your voting residence address, you MUST provide a mailing address outside Duval County.

Q: Is a digital signature acceptable for voter registration in Florida?
A: A complete voter registration application must contain the original signature, OR a digital signature transmitted by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). The only digital signatures that the Supervisor of Elections can accept for voter registration are those received directly from the DHSMV.  

Q: Once I am registered to vote in Florida, am I “safe” from having my registration removed?
A: No. It is extremely important to keep your mailing address current with the Supervisor of Elections. Returned undeliverable mail (even if the mailing address is correct) can lead to a record status being changed to the “inactive” status. If the voter does not update his or her voter registration information, request a vote-by-mail ballot, or vote by the second general election after being placed on the inactive list, the voter’s name shall be removed from the statewide voter registration system and the voter shall be required to reregister by the deadline (29 days prior to an election) to have his or her name restored to the statewide voter registration system. How can I update my mailing address? It is recommended to check one’s voter status prior to the registration deadline (29 days prior to an election) for each election.


Q: Once I am registered to vote in Florida, will I automatically be sent ballots before each election?
A: No. For a vote-by-mail ballot to be sent to you, you must request a vote-by-mail ballot.

Q: How does the Supervisor of Elections send a ballot to a Florida voter?
A: All active, eligible Florida voters may have a vote-by-mail ballot sent to them by mail. Members of the uniformed services or Merchant Marine living outside Duval County, uniformed services and Merchant Marine members’ dependents and spouses living outside Duval County, and overseas voters are eligible to have a vote-by-mail ballot sent to them by email, fax, or mail.

Q: How does an emailed ballot work?
A: The voter is sent an email containing a link and a passcode. After marking the ballot online, the voter must print the ballot and voter's certificate and return the voted ballot and completed voter's certificate. Stateside voters must use their own envelopes and postage to return the voted ballot and completed voter’s certificate by mailing, delivering, or having the ballot and voter’s certificate delivered to the office of the supervisor of elections of the county in which the voter’s precinct is located or by dropping them off at an authorized secure drop box, available at each early voting location. Overseas voters are permitted to use any of the return methods permitted for stateside voters. However, overseas voters are also permitted to return the voted ballot and completed voter's certificate by fax. Detailed instructions are included with the ballot delivered by email.

Q: What can I do if I have not received my ballot? 
A: If you have not received your ballot, there are several steps you can take.

Q: If I have power of attorney for someone, may I sign the vote-by-mail ballot Voter’s Certificate for that person? 
A: No. Even with power of attorney, a person other than the voter may NOT sign the vote-by-mail ballot Voter's Certificate.

Q: What if my signature has changed? How can my ballot be counted?
A: Your signature with your voted absentee ballot must match your signature on file at the Elections Office in order for your ballot to be counted.

If you need to update your signature for this election, send your signature update so that it is received by the appropriate Supervisor of Elections before your vote-by-mail ballot is received by the Supervisor of Elections.

Q: May I return my voted ballot by email to the Supervisor of Elections?
A: No. A voted vote-by-mail ballot returned by email to the Supervisor of Elections shall not be counted.

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