Election Day Voting


Your Voter Information Card provides your precinct number and polling place, as well as other information contained in your voter registration record. All registered voters were recently mailed a new card. If you did not receive your card, contact the Supervisor of Elections Office (904-255-8683). Should your precinct or polling place change, or if you update your voter registration record, you will be mailed a new card. To avoid delays and paperwork at the early voting site or polling place, be sure your address is correct in your voter registration record. Inform us of any changes to your registration information by visiting our website www.duvalelections.gov or contacting our office. 


Your sample ballot is based on your legal residence address and party affiliation (in primary elections), and will be mailed approximately three weeks prior to Election Day. If you would like your sample ballot emailed, please notify the Supervisor of Elections Office. Your sample ballot will contain your specific ballot style and information regarding voting opportunities. You may mark your sample ballot and take it to the early voting site or polling place for your reference. 


On Election Day, polls are open from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. You must vote at your assigned polling place. Contact the Supervisor of Elections Office, or visit our website, if you need confirmation on where your polling place is located or have questions.


If you choose to vote in person during the Early Voting period or on Election Day, you must present your CURRENT and VALID photo identification (ID) along with a signature ID. A voter may present two separate forms of ID, one with a photo on it from the list below and another with a signature (may or may not be from the list below). Example: Photo on Student ID and signature on credit card; or photo on Military ID and signature on a library card are acceptable. 

The photo ID must be from the list below:
• Florida Driver License 
• Florida ID Card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles 
• United States Passport or Passport Card 
• Debit or Credit Card 
• Military ID 
• Student ID 
• Retirement Center ID 
• Neighborhood Association ID 
• Public Assistance ID 
• Veteran health ID Card 
• License to carry a concealed weapon or firearm 
• Government issued Employee ID Card. 

A Voter Information Card may not be used as ID at the polls. If you do not present the required ID at the polls, you may vote a provisional ballot. If you do not have any of the acceptable forms of ID listed above, please contact the Elections Office for assistance.

At the Polling Place

You will be greeted by a polling place deputy and directed to a voter check-in station where you will provide your current and valid photo and signature ID. You will be asked to sign the electronic signature pad or a voting pass. Your paper ballot will then be provided to you in a secrecy sleeve. ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE: If you are a person with a disability or cannot read or write and would like someone to help you with the voting process, you can designate someone of your own choice (except your employer or an agent of your employer or an officer or agent of your union) to help you. Election officials may also provide assistance. If you would like assistance, please advise the Check-in Operator. 


Once you are at a voting booth, remove your ballot from the secrecy sleeve and mark your selection(s). Instructions are provided on the secrecy sleeve and the ballot. When you are finished marking your ballot, review it carefully, place it in the secrecy sleeve and then proceed to the ballot box. 


• Each voter receives a paper ballot. Use the pen provided to mark your ballot by filling in the oval to the left of your choice. If you make a mistake on your ballot or overvote a race, ask an election worker for help. Florida law allows up to two (2) replacement ballots. 
• For write-in candidates, fill in the oval to the left of the word Write-in and write the qualified write-in candidate’s name on the line. 


• Facing the front of the ballot box, insert your ballot into the slot designated on the top of the machine and continue to push it until the machine pulls it in. The tabulator will count all properly marked races. 
• When you see "Thank you for voting," your ballot has been counted and you have completed the voting process. You will receive an "I Voted" sticker and can exit the polling place with confidence that your vote counted.

The voting process is the same for voting early except you may vote at any of the early voting sites.

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