Poll Worker Information

What are the steps in becoming a poll worker?

 First, you must be a registered voter in Duval County. Second, complete the Poll Worker application online and submit it. We will then activate you in the system so you can register for a class. State law requires poll workers to attend training class prior to each election.

Poll Worker Application 

What are the different poll worker positions?

Precinct Managers are the polling site managers. They coordinate all activities of the other poll workers. They contact their staff prior to the election to insure they will be available to work. They pick up and return election supplies, ballots, and the memory sticks from the equipment.

Assistant Managers help the Manager administer polling site activities. Managers and Assistant Managers must have at least two elections experience to apply for the position.

Inspector Technicians are responsible for assisting in the set-up of the precinct. They check in voters using the Electronic Voter Identification unit or (EViD). They issue ballots to voters at the ballot station. An Inspector Tech is also at the DS200 tabulation machine where voters actually cast their ballot. Precincts are generally staffed with at least 4 and up to 9 Inspector Techs.

Deputies are stationed outside the voting facility to greet voters and maintain an orderly flow of voter traffic. They also ensure that political activities outside the polling site meet legal requirements.

Is this a volunteer position?

No. Poll workers are paid for their services. Currently, the rate of pay per election is:

Precinct Manager  $310.00
Assistant Manager $250.00
Inspector Technician       $225.00
Deputy  $215.00


What are the hours of work?

All poll workers must be at their assigned polling place at 6:00 a.m. on election morning. The day ends after 7:00 p.m. or when the last voter has left the precinct. Additional time will be required for reconciliation, equipment tear-down and clean-up. All precinct staff must remain at the precinct until released by their Manager.

Are there other requirements?

Yes. All poll workers must complete two to four hours of classroom training prior to each election and pass a short written examination. In addition, they must be able to lift up to 40 pounds and be able to work Election Day from 6:00 a.m. to approximately 8:00 p.m. without leaving the precinct. You may be assigned to a precinct which is not near your home, so having your own transportation may be a requirement. Having an email account makes communication between you and the SOE’s staff much easier. Most Managers contact their team via email.

How will I know when and where to attend a training session?

Once we process your application you can go online and sign up for a class on the website. All classes are held at the Duval County Elections Center which is located at 1 Imeson Park Blvd., Building 100, Jacksonville, FL 32218.

Duval County Elections Center

What happens after I have attended training?

After you have successfully completed training, your name will be placed on our active list of poll workers. As positions become available, your Precinct Manager will contact you. If you have any questions, please email Angelia Wiggins.

If I have applied previously as a poll worker, should I apply again?

As long as you are an active poll worker, you do not have to apply again. If you have worked the polls on Election Day in the past, your record will remain active. If you want to make sure, you may email Angelia Wiggins for additional information.

Will poll workers be placed in the precincts that they live?

We try to assign poll workers to a precinct near where they live. This is not always possible; because the law requires political party diversity at each precinct, poll workers are often asked to work in precincts which may be some distance from where they live. 

Poll Worker Application